Master Advarr™

Master Advarr™ speaks to his students at the Wattle Centre, 9 January 2007

Ivy Smith

What is written is written and what is truth is lived.

The crystal consciousness is there before you.  It opens a path of pure thought.  You will move through easily from one consciousness to another, as more and more you gather the strength, that is yours to fulfil in this crystalline truth.
There are those within the world who live in folly of their own power.  The power of crystal Light is coming more and more to humanity.  But those who cannot see, and yet their sight is clear, are blind to the consciousness of the Christ Light.

You, my dear friends, have fought so hard within your own lives, to come to a level of peace and total commitment of your soul’s purpose. 

We have stood back so often, and our hearts have felt the pain when we view you, and see the struggle within.  Do not fear change, change is a positive movement within crystal consciousness. 

The tiredness fills humanity with fear of where to set their feet in a solid state of being. You have moved through a difficult consciousness of shadow. Of course it is still with you but not so much in its full power.  But in a weakness, you could succumb to the temptings, and then you are again on a path, alien to your soul’s need.

Look at all situations with the soul and the eyes of the spirit, and do not falter in your purpose to serve the supreme God. 

Hundreds, thousands, far more than we could even tell you, may suffer at the hands of nature by the very purpose of life: pain, yes; movement of growth, yes; determination in the fulfilling of the set path, yes.  

Do not let for one moment, one pattern of doubt flow into your consciousness, for even we in the spirit world have gathered in unison, to a greater strength, away from the influence of the negative force. 

They come in many guises, be warned of this.  Seek the company of one another in strength.  Be aware, that those, that are of the Light, will fill you and come in your times of great need. 

The flowing water, the waters of true life flow from the highest mountain tops, in the spirit consciousness, clearing away the dross. 

You are privileged with many of the great masters who come, sometimes speaking, always viewing, eternally looking and seeking growth for the children of the earth.

The movement and the essence of Light is gradually glowing within the crystal consciousness, and change is occurring within the earth.  What is written is written, and what is truth, is lived.

© Ivy Smith, the Wattle Centre, 9 January 2007.


Ivy Smith

Ivy Smith

Ivy Smith is a healer, trance medium and teacher offering healing and crystal healing, personal development groups and guidance. Ivy is also the Principal of the Academy of Crystal Enlightenment (ACE). Ivy is a Trustee of the Silent Minute and involved in the Climb for Tibet organisation.