Development groups - Spiritual awareness and soul growth

The Centre runs soul awareness groups for all stages of development, with the emphasis placed on spiritual awareness and soul growth rather than basic psychic ability.

Development groups include meditation, trance development, groups to enhance the crystal consciousness and learn more about crystals, speaking groups where individuals can express their truth as well as more advanced work.

Development groups are a longterm commitment based on the spiritual growth of the individual and the growth of the group as a whole. For any group to be effective, the individuals must blend together in harmony. Groups at the Centre have a regular attendance of dedicated people.

Owing to the size of our current accommodation, places are limited but do become available from time to time. In the future, in larger premises there will be new, expanded groups and greater availability of places.

If you would like to enquire regarding a place, please contact us

Ivy Smith

Ivy Smith

Ivy Smith is a healer, trance medium and teacher offering healing and crystal healing, personal development groups and guidance. Ivy is also the Principal of the Academy of Crystal Enlightenment (ACE). Ivy is a Trustee of the Silent Minute and involved in the Climb for Tibet organisation.