Ivy Smith

Ivy's journey - the inner search

My journey began at the age of 17.  I saw a notice board outside of a small hall, meditation classes.  My interest was awakened and I went in to enquire.  This was my beginning, and over many years it took me to varying places seeking growth and development. 

I also studied Raj and Hatha yoga, which has been a great sustainer throughout my life.

My intuition and insight became more apparent.  I searched further training and spoke from the church platforms giving guidance and messages.

I sought teachers with great knowledge and sat in their development groups for over 20 years.  In one of these groups, I trained as a trance medium which led me, after approximately 10 years of training, to become the sole channel for Master Advarr™.

Also, I trained as a healer and joined the NFSH, now called The Healing Trust, as a probationer and eventually became a full healer member.

I rented a centre for healing, the Purple Flame.  At the same time, in my own home, I was running development groups and had quite a lot of students of varying levels of growth.

As a spiritual teacher, I realised that development and growth always seeks greater knowledge.  My love of crystals, which had been a childhood interest, pushed me more and more, seeking greater information of their uses in healing and in many other things.  I was guided by a spirit master, who spoke in the groups where I had trained, to seek a qualification in healing with crystals.  This took me to obtain a diploma from the International College of Crystal Healing(ICCH).  I began healing with crystals and was inundated with clients. 

In my dreams and in my waking hours I often saw a small wooden building that was a sanctuary of healing and development.  One of my clients that lived in Hong Kong would often come to see me for crystal healing and Master Advarr™ readings, when her business brought her to England.

She bought a large house near Hyde Park and asked me to do a cleansing and a blessing.  I asked for nothing, as it was a great experience to even be asked.  But still she insisted and gave me a cheque, she said it was a gift from God.  This was just enough money to buy the wooden building in my vision, which is called the Wattle Church.

My work expanded, I took on more groups and began to run crystal workshops.  The personal trance readings with Master Advarr™ helped hundreds of people from all parts of the world, and all walks of life.

After seeking the appropriate qualifications to open a school, and run 2-year crystal diploma courses under the guidelines of ACHO(The Affiliation of Crystal Healing Organisations Ltd), I founded, and I am the principal of the Academy of Crystal Enlightenment(ACE), and train students to diploma standards.  My school ACE is a member of ACHO.

My development groups expanded in size, and we rented larger premises, which we call the Wattle Centre.  Master Advarr™ began to speak more in the groups and guided the students with higher teachings and knowledge of the crystal consciousness.  These groups still continue today.

For very advanced students in my crystal work, I teach students how to create multi-dimensional crystal patterns, which re-align and purify the human crystalline body in order to create a purer channel through which spiritual energy maybe directed.  As humans evolve and are able to channel higher frequencies of healing light, so a purer vibration will fill the planet.

I was informed in guidance by Master Advarr™, that as well as himself, a master called Solaire™, who has never incarnated upon the earth, would also come to help the groups move forward.  This master first presented himself at one of my workshops.  He appeared kind but strong in his manner and speech.  He spoke of a greater structure and discipline for the students in the groups.  His discipline and openness to his students brings growth, expanded consciousness and a greater truth in their freedom of speech.  His teachings given to the groups are profound.  I’d like to share them with you.

Greater opportunities presented themselves, one of which is the Big Ben Silent Minute Prayer.  Dorothy Forster, whom I have known, since the early 90s, revived the Big Ben Silent Minute in 1993.  I was, at that time, asked to become a trustee.  I felt humbled and honoured to do so.   Dorothy, through one woman’s effort, organised over two million people to pray at a given time, created by the power of thought.  The Silent Minute is a registered charity for world peace through prayer.

Another opportunity, Climb for Tibet, organised by Tess Burrows; I channelled guidance from Master Advarr™, as well as supplying and programming all the crystals for all their journeys to the highest mountains.


Ivy Smith

Ivy Smith

Ivy Smith is a healer, trance medium and teacher offering healing and crystal healing, personal development groups and guidance. Ivy is also the Principal of the Academy of Crystal Enlightenment (ACE). Ivy is a Trustee of the Silent Minute and involved in the Climb for Tibet organisation.